How Radon Gets Into Drinking Water (and Why It’s a Health Risk)

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Radon gas is naturally occurring and can be found in the air, soil, and water. It's invisible, odorless, and tasteless—three characteristics that make it especially dangerous. But how does radon get into drinking water? And why is it a health risk? Let’s explore this further.

How Radon Could Be in Your Drinking Water

Radon enters drinking water sources through two primary methods. The first is through the ground; radon gas can seep into underground water sources, such as wells or springs. The second way radon gets into drinking water is by dissolving into air bubbles inside your house's plumbing system when the shower or sink is running.

Health Risks Associated with Radon

Radon in your home has been linked to an increased risk of lung cancer, particularly among smokers. The average human lifetime risk posed by drinking radon-contaminated tap water can be equal to smoking more than three packs of cigarettes per year! It is crucial to know the levels of radon in your home's drinking water and take appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate any that may exist.

Testing for Radon in Your Water

Fortunately, testing for radon in drinking water is relatively simple and inexpensive. Many online stores sell do-it-yourself test kits that you can use. If you discover radon in your water or want a professional to test your radon levels, contact us at Fontus Water Treatment.

Radon Mitigation in Portland, Maine

Radon mitigation is a crucial service that can help raise your drinking water to health standards. Professional treatment systems can effectively reduce radon levels from building materials, wells, and other sources so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your drinking water's safety. Reach out to our team at Fontus Water Treatment to learn more about our radon mitigation services. (207) 865-8165.

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