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Drinking Water Systems

Harvard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis

With this system your water will be free of contaminants, including Arsenic and Uranium commonly found in Maines well water supplies as well as chlorine fluorides and other impurities that may be present in public water supplies.

Axeon SOLO I 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis

AXEON® Solo I Reverse Osmosis System utilizes advanced membrane technology and features an integrated four stage filtration process, consisting of a sediment filter, sintered carbon block, RO membrane and inline post carbon.

AXEON Solo I Reverse Osmosis System houses three of its four cartridges inside a single housing, making servicing fast and simple. The fourth stage can either consist of an inline post carbon for even better tasting water or an optional remineralization cartridge that will naturally balance your water’s pH level.

Vertex PureWaterCoolers™

FONTUS offers a variety of Vertex Bottle-less water dispensers with built-in filtration that deliver a continuous supply of clean, filtered, great tasting water wherever you need it. They use the existing water source that is already in place and paid for, without creating a second costly pipeline of trucks. These systems offer room temperature water, chilled water, heated water and ice dispenser options. 

Water Softeners

Entipur Softeners

Enjoy the advantages of soft, iron and manganese free water with Entipur® water softeners.  All Entipur® softeners monitor your water and regenerate only when needed.  High efficiency, low salt consumption.  Entipur® soft water efficiency means you will save money, water and salt. 

Water-Right Impression Series Softeners

Get the clear, soft water you want. Impression Series® water softeners solve hard water challenges. Day and night, your water will now perform like it should — creating rich lathers with less soap, rinsing cleaner without film or residue. Plus your appliances will perform at peak, your clothes and towels will be softer, and your hair will be silkier!

  • Meter monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on household trend of water consumption
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance
  • Solid-state microprocessor control
  • Easy to read LED screen with user friendly console
  • Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” programming — saves salt and water
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens and lithium battery backup
  • Features an optional weather cover for outdoor installations

Water Filtration Systems

Entipur Air-Cycle

The Entipur® AirCycle™ is a no-salt alternative for iron and manganese removal, there is no need for an air pump or adding chemicals.  The Entipur® AirCycle™ naturally mixes air with water to precipitate iron, manganese, rust, dirt, turbidity, sulfur odor and bad taste.  The AirCycle™ slowly and safely controls air release for a quiet automatic regeneration. 

Entipur Backwashing Filters 

Choose from a variety of filter options. Whether you are wanting to raise pH and increase alkalinity or remove chlorine, hydrogen sulfide gas, sediment, turbidity, or objectionable taste – we’ve got the filter to suit your needs. All Entipur® filters monitor your water and regenerate only when needed.

ONE Filter

The ONE filter cartridge tank system is a direct replacement for conventional 2.5” and 4” filter cartridges. ONE filtration systems offer high efficiency POE (Point of Entry) water filtration for nearly any application with line of different cartridge options. 

UF (Ultra-Filtration)

The ENPRESS Poly-UF™ offers 0.02-micron filtration at maximum service flow rates of 12 gal per minute (gpm). The UF treats colloids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, turbidity, tannins and other particles, and can be utilized as a final polishing stage or in water reclamation systems for rainwater or grey water, along with offering protection during power outages and intermittent power.

Whole House Water Treatment | Specialty Systems

Anion and Mixed bed systems

Anion and Mixed bed systems are similar to water softeners and in some cases are water softeners. Theses medias utilize the ion exchange process to remove harmful and undesirable contaminants like the ones listed below. These systems are great because they are self-regenerating and do not require potentially costly and frequent media change-outs.

  • Uranium 
  • Arsenic 
  • Tannins

Absorption Systems

Absorption media systems are designed to do just that, absorb the contaminants that are found in water. There are many types of absorption medias and applications, some of these systems are used in the treatment of:

  • Arsenic
  • Uranium


PIONEER™ successfully removes PFOA and PFOS chemicals and is installed where the water line enters your home, business or restaurant. This system has been tested and third-party certified as required in the NSF/ANSI P473 standard for PFOA/PFOS, along with NSF/ANSI 53 standard for the reduction of lead and cyst.


Carbon is an excellent filtration media. It comes in multiple forms and is utilized for the removal of numerous contaminants like sulfur, chlorine, and PFOA/PFOS to name a few. Carbon is used in filter cartridges of all shapes in sizes and as a stand alone media in backwashing and aeration filters.

VIQUA Ultraviolet Systems

The VIQUA family of high-quality, point-of-entry UV systems has a product to meet your needs. With flow rates up to 18 GPM, some of these systems are also suitable for light commercial applications.

With configurations that add sensor technology or integral pre-filtration, there’s a UV system in VIQUA’s HOME family that is ideally suited to your needs.

Stenner Solution Feed Systems

Stenner Solution Feed systems are positive displacement peristaltic pumps, these pumps are self-priming which alleviates the headache of priming and the possibility of the pump becoming air-bound if the solution feed tank is emptied during operation. Solution feed systems can vary from chlorine injection, soda ash for low pH to Rid-O-Rust irrigation systems for high iron staining prevention on landscapes and driveways.            

Radon Mitigation (Abatement) Water & Air

Radon Water- Bubble-Up Aerators

The Bubble-Up® Interactive unit from R.E. Prescott Co., Inc. is designed to remove radon gas from water.  Radon is a radioactive gas which can cause serious health problems.  Inside the unit, air is blown into the incoming water and allowed to bubble upward. This bubbling action releases the radon from the water. Air containing the radon is then collected and vented out.

Radon Air-Radonaway Pro Series RP Radon Air Fans

The RadonAway RP145, RadonAway's most popular radon fan, installs white and stays white with an Eternalast™ polycarbonate plastic housing. It provides high air flow, energy efficiency, quiet operation and effective radon reduction. Made in the USA with U.S. and imported parts.

Well Pumps & Well Tanks

Flex Lite Well Tanks

The Flex Lite composite tank series, with over 15 years of field proven technology, is the highest quality composite well tank on the market. Using patented CAD-2 technology, Flex Lite is designed to drastically reduce condensation. Its design also allows the diaphragm to be sized properly, extending the life of your tank and your system overall. Due to its composite construction, there is nothing to corrode and is approximately 35% lighter than a comparably sized steel tank.

Conventional Well Pumps

Conventional well pump and pressure tank systems are the most common types of well water delivery systems in private homes in Maine. FONTUS offers an array of well pumps to suit any application.

Constant Pressure Systems

Constant Pressure well pump systems offer consistent water pressure regardless of the demand, this means whether you have on faucet on or are watering the lawn, running the dishwasher and taking a shower you will always have the same pressure. Unlike conventional well pump systems, constant pressure systems ramp the pump speed up and down to maintain flow or the volume of water needed while continuously maintaining the same pressure. 

Booster Pumps & Jet Pumps

Another common method of water delivery to homes and camps in Maine are from Jet pumps. Jet pumps are typically housed inside the home or in a pump house and draw water from sources such as: dug wells, driven points, and lakes or rivers. 

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