Old Infrastructure And Your Drinking Water

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The United States’ water infrastructure is in dire need of replacement. While many homes may have access to drinking water, older pipes are making this drinking water unsafe for any use. We go over why old pipes are a growing issue regarding the nation’s drinking water.

Aging Infrastructure Leads to Water Contamination.

You may have heard the term "aging infrastructure" before, but what does that mean? Well, we'll explain. Aging water infrastructure refers to the pipes transporting water throughout your community. These pipes are typically made of iron, lead, or copper and can range from a few inches in diameter to as large as 16 inches.

As these pipes age with use over time, they become more vulnerable to corrosion and leaks; the main reason why contaminants like lead and copper enter your drinking water supply.

Drinking contaminated water may be contributing to health problems such as fatigue, headaches, and even poisoning caused by poor water quality.

Expenses For Infrastructure

The cost of water infrastructure is a long-term investment, but the costs don't stop with the initial purchase. Maintenance and replacement over time are also important considerations when it comes to determining how much water utility companies charge their customers for water service.

The cost of replacing aging pipes will only continue to rise as our population grows, putting more pressure on existing systems. As this happens, more money will be needed to maintain an adequate supply of clean drinking water in our cities, which means higher rates for all consumers who rely on public utilities like municipal systems or private wells.

The Future Of Our Nation’s Infrastructure

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aging and outdated water infrastructure is a national security, environmental, and public health issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The EPA estimates that the U.S. will require $1 trillion over the next 20 years for drinking water and wastewater improvements alone.

Of course, replacing old pipes requires money—and lots of it! For example, replacing all of New York City's 16,000 miles (26,000 kilometers) of aging sewer lines would cost around 40 billion dollars.

Our water infrastructure is constantly being updated, however, not all communities have the financial resources to replace aging infrastructure.

Sustainable treatment options are vital to the future of water infrastructure. Water quality and water resources are dependent on sustainable treatment. In many cities and towns, aging infrastructure is placing a strain on these resources, which is why our communities need to consider new approaches to wastewater management.

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