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FONTUS Water Treatment installs, maintains, and repairs water filtration and purification systems for homes throughout southeastern Maine. Based in Portland and serving customers throughout the surrounding communities in the Portland area, we offer a great variety of products that have been proven to deliver cleaner and better-tasting water. We offer outstanding customer service that treats you and your home with the urgency and care you deserve. Whether you’re starting from scratch and looking for filtration installation or your existing system simply needs some maintenance, we offer an experience that is second to none.

FONTUS Water Treatment proudly offers a great selection of water treatment and filtration products! Call (207) 865-8165 today to learn which is right for you with a water quality test.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to get pure drinking water without the expensive water bottles. These systems use a membrane filter system to remove a wide range of impurities, giving you great tasting water from a small package. These are one of the most affordable systems for those on a budget.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon systems use a specialized filter made of activated carbon to remove a wide range of impurities. Activated carbon use a process called “adsorption” wherein the carbon itself absorbs the impurities in your water like a sponge. These filtration systems are often combined with other purification methods to remove substances that may not chemically react with carbon.

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  • “Highly recommend their company for any water service needs! Adam really knew his stuff. Wish we had FONTUS working with us from the start.” Kimberly C.
  • “Amazing install team!! Highly recommend Fontus! From the on-site review of our water system and all the issues to the recommendations, price and Install team” Cynthia B.
  • “I was impressed he could be there so quickly! He had our problem resolved very quickly! I couldn’t be more happy with them!!!” Jenelle D.

Ion Exchange

Water softener and deionizer systems use an ion exchange filtration method to remove hard water qualities from your home’s water. In these systems, water percolates through a filter of spherical resin beads. These resin beads exchange ions with materials in the water, which in turn removes inorganic materials from your water and gives it “softer” qualities. 


Mechanical filters are water filtration systems that use a variety of different media to remove a wide range of water problems. Many of these mechanical systems are built to handle high water capacities, enabling your entire home to enjoy purified water. Plus, by combining different filtration technologies and processes, they can often successfully eliminate a huge range of different water inclusions.

Ultraviolet Filters

Ultraviolet filters blast the water that enters your home with concentrated ultraviolet light. This process neutralizes common organic inclusions, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbe organisms that are sometimes found in the public water supply. These purifiers typically do require additional power to operate the ultraviolet light, but the total usage is still fairly low as most UV lights are incredibly efficient.

Find out what system is withing your budget and right for your water quality problems! Contact FONTUS Water Treatment today to get started.

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