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Providing Water Quality Solutions for Your Home or Business

Water is a fundamental element of daily life, essential for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and much more. However, not all water straight from the tap or well is safe and clean for these activities. Water treatment systems can address impurities. Their primary purpose is to remove contaminants and harmful substances from water, making it safe for consumption and use in homes and businesses. The significance of clean and safe water cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

At FONTUS Water Treatment, we understand the importance of access to clean water. As a leading provider of water treatment services, we help homes and businesses in our community receive high-quality water. With our deep knowledge of Gorham's specific water challenges, we are uniquely positioned to address them effectively, tailoring solutions to our customers' needs. We are at the forefront of water treatment technology. Our innovative approaches to water purification mean we offer practical solutions capable of tackling a wide range of issues.

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Benefits of Professional Water Treatment

Investing in professional water treatment for your home or business can provide numerous benefits for your health, plumbing system, and overall quality of life. Our team at Fontus Water Treatment is dedicated to providing effective water quality solutions to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of professional water treatment include:

  • Improved water taste and odor
  • Reduced risk of waterborne illnesses
  • Protection of plumbing and appliances from mineral buildup
  • Enhanced skin and hair health from reduced exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Peace of mind knowing your water is safe and clean

Whether you're dealing with hard water, iron staining, or other water quality issues, our experts can recommend the best water treatment solutions to ensure you have access to clean, high-quality water.

The Importance of Professional Water Treatment Systems

Untreated or improperly treated water can carry a range of dangerous contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals (such as lead and mercury), and chemical pollutants. These contaminants can lead to a host of health problems, from gastrointestinal illnesses and reproductive issues to neurological disorders, particularly in children and older individuals. The risks extend beyond immediate health concerns; long-term exposure to some contaminants can lead to chronic health conditions, making professional water treatment services beneficial and essential.

Professional water treatment goes beyond simple filtration. It involves a water quality assessment, identifying specific contaminants, and applying targeted treatment methods to remove or neutralize these threats. These methods might include processes like reverse osmosis, UV treatment, or chemical purification, each selected based on the specific needs of the treated water.

Delivering Reliable Water Quality Solutions

At the core of our mission to deliver unparalleled water quality solutions is an array of services designed to meet the diverse needs of households and businesses. Our suite of offerings helps keep every drop of water you use clean, safe, and tailored to your specific requirements. 

Below is an overview of our services:

  • Drinking water systems. Our lineup includes the Harvard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis system, known for its meticulous purification process; the AXEON® Solo I Reverse Osmosis System, which combines efficiency with exceptional performance; and the Vertex PureWaterCoolers™, offering convenience without compromising on water quality.
  • Whole house water treatment. Every faucet in your home delivers clean, safe water by treating it at its entry point. This holistic approach to water treatment is about providing peace of mind, knowing that the water you use for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning is uniformly high-quality.
  • Water filtration systems. Our range of water filtration systems includes the innovative Entipur® AirCycle™, designed for aeration and iron removal; the Entipur® backwashing filters for effective removal of sediments and contaminants; The ONE filter, a versatile solution for a broad range of filtration needs; and the ENPRESS Poly-UF™, utilizing ultrafiltration technology for superior water quality.
  • Water softeners. Hard water is a common issue that can lead to scale buildup, appliance damage, and inefficient soap usage. Our water softeners address these challenges by removing calcium and magnesium ions, the culprits behind water hardness.

Our technicians receive extensive training on all our products, allowing your water treatment system to be installed with precision and care. This commitment to excellence extends throughout the lifecycle of your system, with our team ready to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Why We Stand Out

When it comes to maintaining the purity and safety of your water, FONTUS Water Treatment emerges as the clear choice for discerning homeowners and businesses. Our team is not just technically proficient but also deeply committed to providing a customer experience that is seamless, informative, and genuinely caring. We're here to make your water treatment journey smooth and satisfactory from start to finish.

If you're in Gorham and looking for water treatment services that truly stand apart, reach out to us at (207) 865-8165.

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