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Well Pumps & Well Tanks

Flex Lite Well Tanks

The Flex Lite composite tank series, with over 15 years of field proven technology, is the highest quality composite well tank on the market. Using patented CAD-2 technology, Flex Lite is designed to drastically reduce condensation. Its design also allows the diaphragm to be sized properly, extending the life of your tank and your system overall. Due to its composite construction, there is nothing to corrode and is approximately 35% lighter than a comparably sized steel tank.

Conventional Well Pumps

Conventional well pump and pressure tank systems are the most common types of well water delivery systems in private homes in Maine. FONTUS offers an array of well pumps to suit any application.

Constant Pressure Systems

Constant Pressure well pump systems offer consistent water pressure regardless of the demand, this means whether you have on faucet on or are watering the lawn, running the dishwasher and taking a shower you will always have the same pressure. Unlike conventional well pump systems, constant pressure systems ramp the pump speed up and down to maintain flow or the volume of water needed while continuously maintaining the same pressure. 

Booster Pumps & Jet Pumps

Another common method of water delivery to homes and camps in Maine are from Jet pumps. Jet pumps are typically housed inside the home or in a pump house and draw water from sources such as: dug wells, driven points, and lakes or rivers. 

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