What Are Some Of The Effects Of Hard Water?

The effects of hard water can cause several different problems within your home. While not dangerous to the human body, hard water can cost you a lot of money in the long run if not managed.

Effects of Hard Water on your equipment

One major area of concern with hard water is its effect on the coils in your water heater. When water is heated, the minerals in hard water will cause hard scale build-up, commonly called limescale. Over time this limescale build-up reduces your system’s efficiency. The limescale build-up reduces heat transfer and often results in replacing your water heater or boiler more frequently than necessary. This can become a very costly problem.

Effects of Hard Water on your wallet

Increasing inefficiency of the equipment causing higher heating bills. The harder your water, the greater your risk of experiencing damage to your systems. Unfortunately, once the build-up has occurred with hard water, the equipment’s damage is already done and cannot be reversed. This is why sometimes, even after people have installed a remediation system, they won’t experience an improvement in their systems or see a decrease in their heating bills. Most likely, their systems have been irreversibly damaged. When replacing a heating system, it’s a great time to have your water tested to avoid these same problems in the future.

Aesthetically, you will see white build-up on faucets and showerheads with hard water. You may notice the little holes on your faucet will start to close up because of the limescale. This is the same limescale that builds up in your pipes. However, once limescale builds up in your pipes, you may experience a flow reduction and, therefore, lower pressure coming out of your faucets or showerheads. Many people will also notice “stains” on their glassware and silverware. This spotting is due to the minerals in the hard water, which remain on these surfaces after the water has dried. 

The bottom line is that hard water issues, while not dangerous to the human body, can cost you a lot of money in the long run. 

How FONTUS Can Help

The experts at FONTUS can test your water for hardness. Give FONTUS a call; we’ll be right out to provide a free immediate-response water test

What is a free immediate-response water test?

An immediate-response water test is a test done onsite, getting your results immediately. This test allows us to determine if iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, alkalinity, salinity, copper present in your water. Before we leave, you’ll have your questions answered. And most importantly, a plan in hand to make sure your water is clean and pure.

Taking control of your water supply is easy. Schedule your free water test today. Call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with Thomas Marcisso.

You Can Trust FONTUS Water Treatment To Stay by Your Side

At FONTUS, we’re passionate about water purity. We pride ourselves on being reliable, hassle-free, and always available. For example, as the environment and your water change, we’re here to help evaluate your water. Above all, through testing, installation, and maintenance, you can trust FONTUS to ensure clean, pure water for your home or office.       

FONTUS Water Treatment

The expert team at FONTUS Water Treatment is based in Westbrook, Maine, and services Cumberland and York counties. We can help correct your home or business water supply to provide safe and healthy water for your family and/or employees. 

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