5 Water Symptoms Indicating The Need For A Water Treatment System

Do you need a water treatment system? Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine if you’re new to well water. Five easy-to-recognize symptoms that indicate you may need a water treatment system are below.

When accessing a home’s water supply for a potential water treatment system, FONTUS’s technicians access the system. The five symptoms below are common issues with solvable solutions.

Does your well water smell?

The smell is also something your water shouldn’t be doing.  Does it smell when turned to a cold temperature or just on the hot? A common complaint we get is that only the hot water smells. This is almost always because a water heater’s anode rod reacts with the water and produces an egg/sulfur odor. The rod can be changed, but this isn’t necessarily something that can be fixed by adding water treatment equipment. If the odor is also present in the cold temperatures, the next question is to ask, “what does it smell like?” Odor is a sense we use the same way we use sight. Several things could cause an egg/sulfur odor in the water. Egg/sulfur is a reasonably common water quality issue found in well water, sometimes consistently and sometimes seasonally.

Is your well water staining your fixtures?

Staining is probably the most common complaint people call FONTUS. Staining can be found in any water-using appliance or location in the home. Minerals like iron, manganese, and hardness are prevalent, but blue/green staining is also very common. Blue/green staining can be caused not by minerals but by acidic water (low pH) or salt in well water.

Is your water pressure insufficient?

Water pressure is something that many people complain about, especially when moving from public water to well water. Low water pressure can also be caused because an existing water treatment system isn’t functioning correctly. Running out of water has been in the news lately and will become a much larger problem in some parts of the country. The well itself could be drying up, but it’s also possible an issue exists with the pressure tank, pressure switch, or the pump itself.

Do you have discolored water?

Another typical phone call is when the water doesn’t look much like water. Several things can cause the water to be colored, like ferric iron, tannins, or organic iron. Sometimes a new well will start with colored water and then clear up with more usage. However, persistently colored water is also very common, so if it’s been a month on a new well and it’s still colored, you probably will just have to deal with it.The good news is that every single one of these five water symptoms is a solvable issue. We can offer economical and efficient water treatment systems to address your water problems. One phone call to FONTUS will get you on the road to better water quality allowing your home’s appliances to work longer and more efficiently and your family.

The FONTUS experts will provide a free immediate-response water test onsite for minerals. We can also correctly collect any state-certified samples needed for health-related contaminants. Then we send them to a state-certified Maine Lab for a TSFHA water test. The TSFHA Water Test will test for Coliform Bacteria & E. coli (pos/neg), Nitrate, Nitrite, Fluoride, Chloride, Hardness, Copper, Iron, pH, Manganese, Sodium, Uranium, Lead, Arsenic, and Magnesium in your water. This test is an additional charge determined by the lab and paid to the lab.


In short, taking control of your water supply is easy. Schedule your free immediate-response water test today. Call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with the water treatment specialists at FONTUS Water Treatment.


An immediate-response water test is a test done onsite, getting your results immediately. This test allows us to determine if and what levels of iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, and salinity are present in your water. By the end of our appointment, you’ll have all your questions answered. And most importantly, you’ll have a plan to ensure your water is clean and pure.

In short, taking control of your water supply is easy. Schedule your free immediate-response water test today. Call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with the water treatment specialists at FONTUS Water Treatment.


At FONTUS, we’re passionate about water purity. We pride ourselves on being reliable, hassle-free, and always available. For example, as the environment and your water change, we’re here to help evaluate your water. You can trust FONTUS to ensure clean, pure water for your home or office through testing, installation, and maintenance.

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