How Do You Know If You Have Hard Water?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How do you know if you have hard water?”

There are several aesthetic signs of hard water, including white build-up on faucets and shower heads, soap scum in your shower due to the reaction between soap and calcium and magnesium, and spotting on glassware and dinnerware. Perhaps you’ve experienced unexplained skin irritation or noticed a decrease in the efficiency of your heating systems (which has resulted in increased heating costs). Soap and detergent will have difficulty lathering because the compounds in your cleaning products will be reacting to the increased levels of calcium and magnesium. There’s even a possibility you’ve experienced odors and staining on clothing from your hard water, resulting in them feeling less clean than they should be. 

Do You Know if You Have Hard Water?

Aside from the aesthetic signs of hard water, the answer can be determined by simply scheduling a FREE on-site hard water test.

Request a FREE Immediate-Response Water Test

Give FONTUS a call we’ll be right out to provide a free immediate-response Water Test. Testing onsite, FONTUS will have immediate results to determine if there is iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, alkalinity, salinity, copper, as well as a few other common water issues present in your water. 

Taking control of your water supply is easy, schedule your free water test today, call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with Thomas Marcisso.

FONTUS Water Treatment

The expert team at FONTUS Water Treatment is based in Westbrook Maine and services Cumberland and York counties. We can help correct your home or business water supply to provide safe and healthy water for your family and/or employees. 

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