Is Hard Water Bad For Your Body?

Most of us have either heard of “hard water” or experienced it at some point. But what is it exactly? And does hard water have any negative health effects?


Calcium and magnesium are “hard minerals,” which is how hard water got its name. The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Calcium and magnesium minerals are simply picked up through the natural hydrological process and deposited into our plumbing. Many believe that iron is also a component, but it’s actually a completely separate aesthetic contaminant that just happens to be found in water, at times. While hard water is found primarily in private wells, we have occasionally encountered city systems with the presence as well.

Negative Health Effects on Your Body?

Hardness is a property of water and not a health concern, therefore it doesn’t have any negative health effects. But it can be a nuisance. Hard water can cause mineral buildup in plumbing, fixtures, and water heaters, and poor performance of soaps and detergents.

Although it’s not actually bad for you and doesn’t cause any serious health effects, like iron, it’s what the EPA considers an “aesthetic contaminant.” It can however, have frustrating effects on the body, such as causing dry skin, dry and/or thinning hair, and dry or brittle nails. When using soap in the shower, water heavy in calcium and magnesium reacts with soap and cause clogged pores, so your skin isn’t able to secrete its natural oils.

What can FONTUS do?

First, let’s get your water tested to identify your water composition in order to resolve any issues. In the case of hard water, we often recommend softening your water.

Request a FREE Immediate-Response Water Test

Give FONTUS a call we’ll be right out to provide a free immediate-response Water Test. Testing onsite, FONTUS will have immediate results to determine if there is iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, alkalinity, salinity, copper, as well as a few other common water issues present in your water. 

Taking control of your water supply is easy, schedule your free water test today, call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with Thomas Marcisso.

FONTUS Water Treatment

The expert team at FONTUS Water Treatment is based in Westbrook Maine and services Cumberland and York counties. We can help correct your home or business water supply to provide safe and healthy water for your family and/or employees. 

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