How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Maine Well Water Tested?

Half of Maine’s population gets its drinking water from private wells, and very few wells are routinely tested. The cost to get your Maine well water tested varies and is the responsibility of the homeowner. By contrast, public water supplies are tested often, depending on the number of customers they serve. Determining how much it costs for a Maine well water test can be a barrier to some families.

Costs for a Maine Well Water Test

If you’ve filled out paperwork for a water test already, you know that requesting water tests has become increasingly complex as the number and complexity of potential contaminates have also increased. To help select the appropriate testing, FONTUS offers an initial on-site well water testing free of charge. Then, if there are any concerns around health issues, you can purchase our comprehensive test kit, which costs around $100-$150 depending on which contaminants we’re testing for.

General Maine Well Water Costs

Some substances you might want to test for, like PFAS and PFAO (Teflon), and volatile organics (like gasoline), are more costly. These tests generally start around $275-$300 per test.

Price tag aside, the cost to get your Maine well water tested is absolutely worthwhile. We believe that the peace of mind of knowing your water is safe for you and your family is priceless.

To request your free immediate-response water test, give FONTUS a call at (207) 856-0066; we’ll be right over. Testing onsite, FONTUS will have immediate results to determine if there is iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, alkalinity, salinity, copper, as well as a few other common water issues present in your water. 

Request a FREE Immediate-Response Water Test

Taking control of your water supply is easy. Schedule your free water test today. Call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with Thomas Marcisso.

FONTUS Water Treatment

The expert team at FONTUS Water Treatment is based in Westbrook, Maine, and services Cumberland and York counties. We can help correct your home or business water supply to provide safe and healthy water for your family and/or employees. 

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