What Do I Need To Know About Well Water In Maine Before I Sell A House?

Selling a house? What you need to know about well water in Maine.

If the property’s private well has taste and odor problems, the prospective buyer may hesitate to make an offer on the property. Likewise, having water test results for bacteria and other problematic contaminants prepared before and instills confidence. So, we recommend the owner perform water and radon air testing before listing the home. Well water in Maine is complex, better to know the details before you sell a house.

When it comes to well water in Maine, before you sell a house, take these pro tips. Has the water treatment equipment been serviced? If it has not been serviced within the past year, be sure to have it serviced before performing any water tests. Has a water test been performed? Testing is recommended yearly. Wouldn’t a recent water test look good on a real estate sales sheet?

Safe water is a selling point!

Like a home with a new roof will likely sell for more. Likewise, a home with a properly functioning water system that provides safe drinking water is worth more. On the other hand, a home for sale with a water system in disrepair or with contaminants present in the water is worth less money on the market. Simply put, it can take longer to sell. Good water is an important selling point!

Some states, local governments, or mortgage lenders will require a drinking water test before a property with a well is purchased or sold. However, basic water tests don’t always include arsenic testing, commonly found in Maine’s well water. If you’re the buyer, you’ll want to protect your family. If you’re the seller, well, everyone wants a smooth transaction! The key? Get a water test done.

In Maine, the “TSFHA Water Test for Residential Home Sales” will cover all your bases. Some lenders require a water test and will simply refer to the water test as a “mortgage test.” Regardless of the name, testing for arsenic, uranium, radon, and lead, and a host of other contaminants has always been important to your health. These contaminants are typically the most prevalent in Maine and the most concerning for a buyer.

Avoid Delays!

As the seller, your property will be a lot more attractive to potential buyers if the well has had the water tested. In addition, servicing or installing a water treatment system can expedite your sale compared to other properties. Simply put, testing and inspection prior to listing a property will help avoid delays in selling your home. 

Regardless of 

whether the lending institution will require water testing and inspection or not, a water test will identify any existing problems that the homeowner should remedy before listing. With water test results in hand, it will help make the home more marketable and reduce the risk of issues during the sale. Most importantly, provide enough time to correct any identified problems. 

Lastly, for Maine residents testing their well water is not new news. To ensure public health protection in the long-term, state drinking water agencies recommend that homeowners arrange to have their private wells tested annually.

How FONTUS Can Help

The FONTUS experts will provide a free immediate-response water test onsite. We will also correctly collect the state-certified approved samples for you and send them to a state-certified Maine Lab for a water test. The TSFHA Water Test will test for Coliform Bacteria & E. coli (pos/neg), Nitrate, Nitrite, Fluoride, Chloride, Hardness, Copper, Iron, pH, Manganese, Color, Turbidity, Sodium, Uranium, Lead, Arsenic, and Magnesium in your water. This test will be an additional charge determined by the lab and paid to the lab.

What is a free immediate-response water test?

An immediate-response water test is a test done onsite, getting your results immediately. This test allows us to determine if and what levels of iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, alkalinity, salinity, copper present in your water. By the end of our appointment, you’ll have all your questions answered. And, most importantly, you’ll have a plan in hand to make sure your water is clean and pure.

In short, taking control of your water supply is easy. Schedule your free immediate-response water test today. Call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with the water treatment specialists at FONTUS Water Treatment.

You Can Trust FONTUS Water Treatment To Stay by Your Side

At FONTUS, we’re passionate about water purity. We pride ourselves on being reliable, hassle-free, and always available. For example, as the environment and your water changes, we’re here to help evaluate your water. Through testing, installation, and maintenance, you can trust FONTUS to ensure clean, pure water for your home or office.

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