Knight Household Water Treatment Installation

Water Problem:

The customer called FONTUS because he was noticing some blue-green staining on his fixtures. He mentioned that he had existing equipment from another company but hadn’t been in the basement recently to check on it due to an ACL surgery. Upon inspection, we found the pressure tank was ancient and rusty and leaked from the pressure switch’s bottom. The existing equipment was an acid neutralizer as well as a water softener. Acid neutralizer filters require regular maintenance or “topped up” with new media because the water actively dissolves the media to raise the pH.  This acid neutralizer hadn’t been serviced since the homeowner purchased the home a few years ago. In addition, the type of water softener installed was highly inefficient and required three bags of salt per month, EVERY month. Until the homeowner’s leg is healed, his wife maintained the salt, which she did not enjoy!

Knight Household Water Treatment Installation by Fontus

Knight Household Water Treatment Installation Solution:

FONTUS began by removing the old and inefficient equipment. We began by installing a new pressure tank, acid-neutralizing filter, and a highly efficient water softener. Unfortunately, this well also had extremely high amounts of fine black sediment, so we added a sediment filter at the beginning of the water treatment system to preserve the equipment and its operation. 

To give you an idea of the salt savings with our new system, the homeowner was previously adding three bags of salt per month. With the new efficient softener, if he uses 250 gallons of water every day for an entire year, the system will consume only eight bags of salt a year total! In addition, we installed the new system with six bags of salt pre-loaded, so neither homeowner would have to add any salt for nine months! Giving them both a break lugging salt made everyone happy, especially while he healed from this ACL surgery. In addition, the overall cost savings of their new system really added up! If a bag of salt averages about $6, he will save about $170 a year and countless trips from the store to the basement carrying over 1,000 pounds of salt over the year!


Your water can be quite different than your neighbor’s water, which is why FONTUS advocates for testing your water regularly. Unfortunately, some water treatment companies install the same cookie-cutter equipment in every home. In reality, the chemistry of the water coming into your home dictates the appropriate water treatment method. In addition, each property’s water has a unique chemistry. Individual location water chemistry is determined by geography and the house plumbing. This on-site visit to your home or commercial property allows us to customize your water treatment system. Our goal is to ensure we provide precisely the service you need and want from your water treatment system. You’ll receive an efficient water treatment system designed to manage the water supply specific to your water chemistry when you call FONTUS.

What’s included in the on-site visit?

Fortunately, FONTUS has the technical background to solve complex water quality issues and the experience to recognize any challenge. By the end of our appointment, we’ll have completed our FREE on-site water test, and you’ll have all your questions answered. But, most importantly, you’ll have a plan in hand to make sure your water is clean and pure. In short, taking control of your water supply is easy. 

Schedule your free immediate-response water test today. Call (207) 856-0066 or email to speak with the water treatment specialists at FONTUS Water Treatment. 


At FONTUS, we’re passionate about water purity. We pride ourselves on being reliable, hassle-free, and always available. You can trust FONTUS to ensure clean, pure water for your home or office through testing, installation, and maintenance.

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